"AMJ" ("Application") works as a voice messaging system. You can either choose a friend you want to send a message to or create groups of friends to have group conversations with. Then you can either select from a library of categories and subcategories to generally find the message you want to relay to your friends, or you can record your personal message via the microphone of your device and send it. Your friend gets a push notification on their mobile device. To listen to the message, he/she must open the application. Only the selected friend can listen to the message. Your friend can then respond to the message in turn. Sending a message to a friend opens up a conversation, storing this and any further message between the two of you in the application. Furthermore you can send a message to more than one friend at a time. You are also able to embed messages on photos or images that can be uploaded into the application and shared with friends. If you record a message or uploaded and send an image, you can mark the recording or image as private with limitations to viewing.

You are responsible for ensuring that all data and/or recordings transmitted by using the application and/or by sending a personal message, do not violate any rights of third parties nor are subject to a license of a third party, which grants the necessary rights for data and/or recordings aforesaid. You agree to indemnify and hold AMJ harmless against all third party claims relating to violations of rights such as copyrights, moral rights, unfair competition, trademark rights or rights of the press. It is your responsibility not to use illegal third party content. In the case of an offense or alleged infringement of these rules AMJ is entitled to ban you from further use of the application without notice and with immediate effect.

AMJ makes no warranties or takes any responsibility regarding the application's functionality. The use of the application is at your own risk. AMJ makes no warranty or liability for indirect damages, consequential damages and/or incidental damages resulting from the use of the application and/or result by sending a personal message. AMJ reserves the right to remove a user, if that appears necessary, and makes no claim to the use of the application. AMJ is entitled to discontinue the application at any time in its sole discretion. In this case, all messages will be deleted with immediate effect. The application collects personal information exclusively to the technically necessary extent. AMJ does not sell any personal data or otherwise disclose to third parties. Your general personal information is requested with your express prior authorization according to the settings on your AMJ profile (such as name, profile picture, gender, networks, user name, buddy list, and any other information that you share publicly). Also, you are by virtue of this privacy policy, asked for your permission to have status messages, comments, photos and videos may be posted into your conversations. This question is common in the use of social applications.

To use the application the following personal data is requested from you and is stored in the application‘s database: your User Name, Full Name, birth date. In addition, it is determined who the recipient of your voice message is and who receives your voice message. The recipients of this personal data is only AMJ. The data provided will be used solely for the purpose of execution of the application. Any other use of your personal data by AMJ is excluded.

You can stop using the application at any time under the menu item "Account Settings / Disable" in your AMJ account. You can request information about your personal data stored on the database application, its origin and recipients and the purpose of storage at any time. Please send an email to AMJ (support@AMJ.com). If you have any objections to the use of your data, you can always withdraw your consent to the future use of data by e-mail to (support@AMJ.com) and dispose the deletion of messages.