Create fully interactive Extended Reality Codes for your products that when scanned can launch amazing Real World augmented reality including a 3D, intelligent avatar that can speak to consumers literally standing in the exact same room at the exact same moment they are making the consumer decisions.


Create and "Air Drop" your Extended Reality experience anywhere in the world for consumers to experience and interact with.


Create PokeMon Go like, fully interactive Scavenger Hunts


Create real time engagements including immediate call connection from complete engaging 3D content in the Real World


Create fun Real World Trivia Games


Create fully immersive Immersive Doorways that you can place anywhere in the world where consumers can actually walk inside of a completely new, interactive world


Share your amazing experiential offering to your base numerous ways including via Social Media.

And so much more...

Enterprise Level Dashboard

Now you can! Yes, brands, merchants and providers of any product, service or information offering have complete control of their Real World offering with a simple to use, fully enterprise-ready level dashboard. What does that mean in simple language? We've done all the work for you! Create incredible augmented reality marketing campaigns, create your surrogate Blavatar, your AMJ Tags, and even a fully, interactive, immersive 3-Dimensional Video Orb right from your AMJ World dashboard. You've been waiting for someone to design a simple, enterprise-ready, turnkey system. The wait is over!

Though we are always here to guide you through any problems you may have, there are amazing Help Videos to walk you through every single step of creating the most creative, groundbreaking, Real World campaigns, offerings, product explanations and much more.

Click the Get Started button to start building a new experience for your potential consumers with one of the most exciting technologies of all time.