More than four BILLION smartphone users are expected to be AR (Augmented Reality) enabled in the next 18 months! AR is going to revolutionize the way we interact with our favorite brands and retailers. As a Blabeey Affiliate, you can earn a tremendous monthly residual income through the world's first and only, enterprise-ready, AR marketing system. It's not just smartphones, billions of tablets, laptops, and desktop computers are expected to follow. Consumers simply point their camera at an object, and if that brand or manufacturer has that product AR-enabled, BINGO! An interactive, 3D message is delivered AT THE VERY MOMENT that consumer is about to make a buying decision.

Here's an example, let's say there's a new pain relief product, unlike anything else in the market, created by someone no-one has ever heard of before. How do you separate yourself from the competition on store shelves? What if you could be standing RIGHT THERE when a consumer, anywhere in the world, is trying to make a decision and what if you could deliver ANY message you like at that very moment?

That's the power of AR! And Blabeey is the ONLY company on the planet right now with a turnkey, enterprise-ready system that retailers, manufacturers, and other places of business can implement in just minutes!

As a Blabeey affiliate, YOU establish the contact, WE close the deal, and YOU get paid, over and over. Know someone else that needs extra income, refer other affiliates and we will pay you a commission on THEIR sales as well.

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Our affiliate program is outrageously generous! Earn a 20% RECURRING monthly commission on ALL sales and a 10% monthly recurring commission on all sales of your directly referred affiliates! Your clients are going to LOVE this software and they are going to find some amazing ways to use it - ways that we haven't even thought of yet!

As an affiliate you will be able to use our enterprise level affiliate dashboard to track every aspect of your sales business and you will have the ongoing support of our staff to both learn and understand the incredible world of AR.

Please see our suite of product offerings and their applications from the Home page, Solutions page and the Now You Can page. Earn an unlimited stream of affiliate income!

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Enterprise Level Dashboard

Now you can! Yes, brands, merchants and providers of any product, service or information offering have complete control of their Real World offering with a simple to use, fully enterprise-ready level dashboard. What does that mean in simple language? We've done all the work for you! Create incredible augmented reality marketing campaigns, create your surrogate Blavatar, your Blabeey Tags, and even a fully, interactive, immersive 3-Dimensional Video Orb right from your Blabeey World dashboard. You've been waiting for someone to design a simple, enterprise-ready, turnkey system. The wait is over!

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Refer them to us. When they sign up,we'll pay you ongoing recurring dollars. Everybody wins!